Saturday, 19 January 2013

November 2012 workshop, have a listen!

Here are recordings from November's workshop Chris has sent the link below you can download them from.

Chris says:
  There are five MP3 files, one for each song plus a version of Oj Dobricu by an American group which appears on a CD called Balkan Bridges.

Click on each song to play it. Hover over the title to see the option
to download. You can ignore the "Sign up for Box and get 5GB free" by
just clicking the cross in the top right corner. You can also add
comments if you like!

Box is a free service and there didn't used to be any quick way to
download all songs at once, but now I think you just have to click on
Download Folder.

Here is a link to Brian Abraham's song Tedumela with an extra part by Roxane Smith ("We are one"):

Here's a version of Up above my head in a Country-stylee (kicks in after about 2 mins.):

And Gaudeamus hodie (with percussion!):