Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fanfare for February 2014

Someone should spare me from my blog post titles... any SingWivvers wanting to do some writing on here please let me know!

So, here are a couple of recordings from this month's session. Due to some over enthusiastic button pressing on the recording equipment, Chris has given us the Gospel song we learned, but the recording is from the Shared Voices session that morning! I'm sure our recording would have been just as lovely ;-) The Scottish lullaby 'Dream Angus'  is pure SingWiv though. Enjoy!

I couldn't resist this reminder of more or less this time last year...
Maybe it'll be 'Freezing February' yet!

pic is of the Big Garden at High Woods Country Park where I work as a Community Gardener.

The March session is Saturday 8th, hope to see you there - as always, new singers are welcome to join in.