Sunday, 17 March 2013

March 2013: Merry March Minstrels

Here we are about to learn a Maori song in the British Legion Hall.

Hi there

I hope you enjoyed last Saturday singing in Wivenhoe down by the riverside.

Here are the recordings I made:

There are four MP3 files, one for each song.

Click on each song to play it. Hover over each title to see the option
to download. You can also download the entire folder (i.e. all four songs) at once by clicking on Download at the top.

Ignore any "Sign up for Box and get 5GB free" pop-ups by just clicking the cross in the top right corner.

Some people have had problems in the past. It may be because you don't have Flash Player installed. If you have any problems, click here to see if you have the latest version installed:

You can also leave comments on each song if you feel inclined! It would be nice to hear what you think.

Enjoy! And I hope to see you on 13th April with a whole new bunch of songs.


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