Friday, 11 October 2013

October 2013: Listen To Us Sing!!

Each month several new singers join in at SingWiv, and this time many newbies came via Wivenhoe's Woolly Thoughts group - thanks Janie for spreading the word! Luckily they were far from woolly singers and with just over twenty of us all together we once again made some lovely sounds with Chris's guidance.

Click here to download or just listen to three of these, a Welsh lullaby 'Hui Hui', a Cuban party song, 'Adios Mama' and a great gospel number, 'Where Shall I Be?'

November's session is on the 9th, and for anyone who wants to, we'll be singing a few of the songs we've learned that day, over the road at the library for the final 15 minutes of the session!

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