Wednesday, 22 January 2014

January 2014 Joyfulness

We kicked off the New Year with 40 people in the hall, including our teacher Chris Rowbury. That's the most singers yet!

I recently sent around a questionnaire for feedback, all of which has been really positive. A few suggestions for minor tweaks to process or content, but overall, people are loving it. And hurrah for the new chaps who turned up - what a great sound you added \o/

Here are some of this month's songs. You can click on each of them to listen to straight away or choose the download option near the top.  

Chris says: ' Lyrics and song info are in the comments [on the above link]. If people are interested, they can find a video here of a choir doing Indonga za Jeriko with all the moves!'

Just to remind anyone reading this for the first time that we learn new songs each month so it's easy to join in at any time. 

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